This image was created on the Israeli barrier in the West Bank, in Bethlehem. The meaning of this image is about freedom and flight. The West Bank barrier separates Israel and Palestine, who are experiencing cultural wars. The image makes it seem like there isn't much freedom in Israel, or that it's not a good place to live at the moment.

Banksy Car Air Freshener - Girl with Balloons

  • Discover the new and exclusive collection of car perfumers, dedicated to the works of Banksy, the most famous street artist in the world. The cardboard perfumer, printed with off-set technique, is completely made in Italy and enriched by the exclusive Cashmeran & Cedar fragrance, with woody tones that recall the distant Indies. The richness of the packaging and the exclusivity of the “Brandalised Banksy's Graffiti” License, makes the line unique and collectible.