The 70mm Sector 9 Butterballs wheels are pure ooey, gooey, buttery goodness. Their pre-ground surface and round edges let you break into slides without any resistance whatsoever. The buttery urethane of the Sector 9 Butterballs wheels are 80a durometer and offers a perfect amount of slip versus grip. They grip up when you want them too, otherwise when sliding they are insanely smooth and insanely predictable. For those of you looking for a wheel that is going to leave some serious thane lines behind then you have found your wheel; go paint the streets with these bad boys!

Sector 9 Butterballs 70mm 80a

    • Cosmic Core
    • Centerset Hub
    • 65mm Diameter
    • 80a Durometer
    • 38mm Contact Patch
    • Stone Ground