With all this technology you know your gonna be locked in for the long grind!!

  • Truck Weight Class: Hollow Axle/Kingpin

Tensor Mag Light Silver 5.75 Set

  • Tensor Mag Light's are the lightest truck ever. They are 29% lighter than the industry standard truck. Tensor uses the finest metals and manufacturing processes to produce the best quality skateboard truck on the market. We stand behind our product and guarantee all of our trucks for life.

    Truck Size 5.0 fits deck size 7.5-7.75

    Truck Size 5.25 fits deck size 7.75-8.0

    Truck Size 5.5 fits deck size 8.0-8.25

    Truck Size 5.75 fits deck size 8.25-8.5

    • Ultra light and strong
    • Smooth grinding
    • Fast turning
    • Hollow kingpin and axle
    • Interlocking bushing