This is a versatile Bushing set from the urethane kings, Venom! Their Freeride set is more stable than a barrel and less restrictive than an Eliminator, the Venom Freeride bushing has a wide, stepped design that can be flipped for a different turning response. For extra stability and a more defined centre, put the wide end toward the hangar. For deep turning and juicy rebound, run the narrower end in the hangar. Either way, it's ideal for going fast and doing big slides.


Venom High Performance Bushing 85a Set for One Truck

  • Please note that one pack is enough for one truck (e.g. contains two bushings - if you want to ride eliminators in both trucks, please purchase two sets. Venom HPF (High Performance Formula) Freeride Longboard skateboard bushings are used mainly for Trick/Slide orientated free-riding and moderate Downhill riding.

    Venom bushings are constructed from high quality urethane in the USA. Enjoyed by experienced downhill riders and Longboard enthusiasts, these make a superb rebounding truck. These bushings compress and release to perfect centre every time.

    Yellow - 85A Appropriate for riders of 100-145lbs