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Chup Hygge Camel Crew


Chup Hygge Camel Crew


The type of knitting for CHUP is called jacquard knitting, so there should be lots of yarns inside the sock. The reason you can see cuts ends of yarns is, if they weren't cut and remained loops, they would snag on your toes when you try to put them on, and also partly because the yarns all act as elastic to some degree - if they weren't cut and remained continuous, the socks would become overly tight. Sometimes there may start to appear a hole visible from the outside of the sock. Often, this is characteristic of the jacquard knitting, not a defect. It can be corrected by either tugging on the loose ends on the inside of the sock or, if the ends have come out on the outside, pull them back in with a small knitting needle (or poke them back in from the outside somehow) and tug them snug.

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