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About Us 

In April 2005, South Street opened its doors near the frequently graffiti laden bridge located on South Street; a gritty industrial area at the south end of the swanky City of Rochester. South Street quickly became the home of many belonging to the Metro Detroit skate culture. At its core, were young Rochester area skaters eager to be part of the newly established skate park and skateshop, many of whom became staff, team members, customers and friends.

South Street established itself as a brand known for its quality, style, and faithfulness to the culture; a company established specifically for those inspired by the exceptional. Our ideology: “the ordinary is passé, hence distinctiveness separates the individual from the minion”.

Today, South Street can be found on Main Street, yes indeed, squarely in the center of downtown Rochester. South Street continues to provide skateboarding, skateboard product, and unique street wear to those who embody the unconventional. Our service, collection, and expertise are surpassed by none. Owners~Von & Linda Gallaher

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