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The ATV Creature 7.75 shape is a narrower version of our trusty ATV classic shape perfectly suited to technical flip tricks and smaller obstacles that require a little extra agility. Smaller riders may benefit from a slightly smaller board that is easier to manipulate, while everyone will benefit from the added pop a smaller, lighter board provides. Pick one of these guys up today and you'll be wowing your friends with technical wizardry in no time.

Landyachtz 7.75 ATV Gordito Creature Complete

  • The ATV Classic is a 32″ long popsicle shape that comes in at 7.75″ wide. A little on the narrower side, we designed this shape to give you a comfortable and confidence inspiring platform to push your street skate skills and learn tricks. This board is pressed with 7 plies of Canadian Maple for a light, stiff and poppy ride. Our ATV series boards come complete with Polar Bear 155mm trucks to perfectly match the width of the board and provide the ideal blend of stability and maneuverability. All of our ATV setups are finished off with a set of 60mm 78a Lil EZ Hawgs wheels to keep the weight down and roll speed up.

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