New Plain Jane Keyframe 87a  wheels from OJ are here! Sometimes you just want to keep it simple! You want to take it down to a notch with a slightly softer wheel, but you don’t want some bright and colourful longboardy lookin’ thing. Over the past few years softer plain white wheels have found their mark. Perfect as a filmer wheel, for hitting rough terrain and transporting.


These all terrain semi-soft wheels are perfect for the commuters dealing with all type of rough roads looking for a fast, smooth and controllable wheel to get you all over the city. A good wheel for the park that won’t rattle your bones on the way there. The super functional profile works when you want to get your grind on and click the coping in the bowl.

An all-terrain 87a duro for that bit of extra grip and a lot more speed on the streets commuting, cruising, slashing and carving the day away. Soft enough to take the edge of the roughest terrain, hard enough to throw sideways in a pinch!

OJ's 54mm 87a Plain Jane Keyframe