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With a versatile stature, impeccable style, and a ready-to-rock attitude, the Skiff is the most interesting wheel in the world. Designed for all-terrain use, it is a utilitarian alternative to a traditional street wheel for riding faster, steeper, rougher, and longer.

Orangatang 62mm 83a Skiff Purple Wheel Set

    • Diameter:  62mm
    • Width:  35mm
    • Contact Patch:  25mm
    • Style:  Rounded lips with stone-ground surface
    • Bearing Seat:  Centerset
    • Formula:  Happy Thane
    • Core: high-strength, heat-resistant, glass-free urethane
    • Weight: 3.2 oz / 91 g
    • Durometers:  80a, 83a, 86a
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