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If you are familiar with Polar Skate Co., then you will know they are a famous group of professional skateboarders. And they adopt their skateboarding style into street fashions. And one of their most wanted items is the Cordura Mini Dealer Bag. It is inspired by the cross body bag that vendors love to use. In fact, it has the perfect size to put your wallets, cards, cell phones and keys. And the cross body bag is so light that it will not hinder your movement. Thus, it become a popular item for skateboarders. Furthermore, its eye-catching color and functionality also makes it a trendy accessories for fashion lovers.

Polar Cordura Mini Dealer Bag

  • The Cordura Mini Dealer Bag has Polar Skate’s box logo in the middle. It uses quality materials too. The zipper is made by YKK. Also, the bag is made with Cordura, which is known for its durability and resistant to tear. You can use the bag vigorously without worry scratching it.

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